Stunning Photos Show What Happens When Average Joes Work Out Like Chris Hemsworth (

When your strength goal is to get as physically fit as someone like Australian movie star Chris Hemsworth, it can sometimes feel like you’re pissing into the wind.

But get yourself the right tools (and turn around and face the other direction), and results could flow naturally – as some photos DMARGE just stumbled across, posted by Hemsworth’s personal trainer Luke Zocchi, attest.

Taking to Instagram way back in February, Zocchi was keen to show off the positive outcomes of some users of the Centr training app – developed by Chris, Luke and a number of other fitness and nutrition specialists, and the same one a very optimistic DMARGE correspondent tried for himself.

The photos show what the ‘Average Joe’ can achieve if they follow similar workouts to those used by the Australian poster boy himself. While no one looks exactly like Chris Hemsworth himself by the end, the photos show you can make a remarkable impression on your physique if you commit to the right training.

While the first picture is an anomaly (this guy isn’t quite an Average Joe – it’s Chris’ stunt double for the upcoming Thor: Love and Thunder movie, Bobby, looking decidedly ripped), the rest of the photos show what more regular Centr users might hope to achieve during a period of using the app.

Trainer Luke says himself in the comments Bobby’s transformation took place “over 12 weeks.” And hey: he still benefitted greatly from the program.

As for the other users, no specific…

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