Fitness Professionals Warn Against Joe Rogan’s Most Indulgent ‘Workout Hack’ (

Marijuana is associated more with turning you into a globulous, sofa-bound Dorito than someone who can strike precise holes in a punching bag (and lift heavy weights).

But what about Joe Rogan?

With recreational use of weed being illegal in most countries around the world, and some countries inflicting punishment with some serious jail time for having even a small amount on your possession, there is much to insinuate it’s a drug to be avoided at all costs.

Yet, millions of people do still smoke it, and people will even talk about it openly in conversation, even those in the public eye (especially in America where it is becoming ever more legal). Case in point: Joe Rogan. The comedian and podcast host has been banging on about legalising pot ever since the early days of the podcast, and is so enthusiastic he has angered more than one right-wing guest in the process (even if they did later kiss and make up).

Rogan isn’t one to shy away from his opinions on marijuana and openly talks about using it during his podcast shows. In one particular show – number 30 – he talks about the first time he ‘properly’ smoked pot with martial arts instructor and fellow podcaster and comedian, Eddie Bravo. He even, another time, got Elon Musk to puff a joint, briefly tanking Tesla’s share price in the process.

After explaining how he had dabbled with smoking in his teenage years (but, essentially, during that period of his life, avoided it, fearing it would turn him into a…

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