Salt Bae’s Latest Glute Workout Puts Kim Kardashian To Shame (

The fitness industry tends to dish out different advice to different genders: men are encouraged to build up their chest and biceps and women are promoted leg and ‘booty’ workouts.

In short, men don’t give enough attention to their butt. But the glutes are the largest and strongest muscles in your body. So guys really should be performing more exercises and workouts to strengthen and tone up this area.

Why? Because gluttoning up your glutes can increase your flexibility and mobility, as well as make simple tasks like lifting heavy weights, running, sitting with correct posture and climbing the stairs easier.

 So, what exercises can you perform to give you a more devastating derrière?

Enter, Salt Bae. The world-famous butcher is known just as much these days for his intense workouts, stupidly low body fat percentage, and an overall commitment to be as physically fit as possible. The salt-sprinkling maestro recently posted a workout to his Instagram story – following a trip to London which saw him charter a private jet – which shows how you can build up strength in your glutes using nothing more than a set of resistance bands.

For context, resistance bands are an incredibly underrated piece of equipment, and are a perfect substitute for dumbbells and other weights, if you don’t have access to them. Their versatility means they can be used pretty much anywhere, including at home, so there are no excuses for building up that ‘thicc’ old tush.

Watch Salt…

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