Important Mental Health Message Every Australian Needs To Be Reminded Of In 2021 (

Things are pretty tough for most Australians right now.

The COVID-19 pandemic, which has dominated our lives for almost two years, has been immensely detrimental to our mental health. The quite rational and debilitating fear of illness and death combined with the dearth of social contact thanks to lockdowns and social distancing has been a hell of a one-two punch. Stats from the Australian Institute of Health & Welfare are rather sobering.

It doesn’t help that the inconsistent nature of lockdowns domestically, which have seen some states/cities enjoy freedoms whilst others are restricted, has added to the toll. It gets even worse when you look overseas. Europe and North America might have far higher COVID case numbers and deaths than Australia, but people are enjoying more freedoms – with scenes of blissful summers streaming directly into our devices.

Social media has been both a blessing and a curse during this pandemic. While it’s been crucial for people to stay in contact during these periods of uncertainty and isolation, social media has also done much to spread misinformation and fear around the virus, as well as impacted our mental health by showing us scenes of freedoms we can’t enjoy.

It’s why this piece of advice, shared by Steven Furtick, an American pastor and mental health advocate back in 2011 on Twitter, continues to resonate in 2021 over a decade later, or perhaps especially in 2021 (which in of itself perfectly demonstrates the dual nature of…

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