David Goggins Fans Show Off Their Incredible Body Transformations (

Even before COVID-19 struck, America had huge health problems. Many of them come down to widespread sedentary lifestyles and highly processed diets. But rather than vapidly blame everything on iPads, some individuals are using this Technological New World to spread positive messages – and ‘tough love’ speeches – which seem to be really resonating with people.

Enter: David Goggins. David Goggins is an ultra-marathon runner, ultra-distance cyclist, triathlete, public speaker, author and retired US Navy SEAL.

He comes at you with such passion, he inspires you to go that extra mile. In many cases literally. In fact, he has inspired various people I know to do such things as run a marathon with no training.

He even inspired me to run further than I ever have in my life – a feat which I found hugely positive mentally and emotionally, but which admittedly left me a little injured, and physically worse off than if I had built up to it properly.

Not that Goggins explicitly tells you to do things without training, but after listening to some of the insane things he has done (like destroying himself with a leg weights workout session the day before running an ultra marathon) then it’s hard not to be inspired to try something extreme yourself.

It appears I am not alone, with Goggins yesterday reposting a bunch of his followers’ Instagram posts, which show their fitness journeys over the last few years, and the progress they have made, and which they attribute to…

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