Australian Study Busts Most Enduring Male Sex Myth Ever (

Maybe it’s because society still finds it taboo and hard to talk about, but there’s so many stereotypes surrounding sex – and the sexes – that even the most progressive and forward-thinking people find it hard to escape them.

One of the most enduring sex myths is that men want sex more than women, or at the very least, are more confident in the bedroom than women. However, a recent Australian study suggests that might not be the case (at least when it comes to Aussies), and that men perhaps aren’t as confident in the bedroom as the blokey, ocker stereotype that abounds in our culture might suggest.

Research conducted by YouGov on behalf of Netflix Australia for the release of the third season of hit coming-of-age drama Sex Education has revealed that while Aussie men might seem full of bravado, in fact, it’s women who actually rate their performance in bed highest compared to men (16% of women versus 11% of men).

This is despite the fact that 1 in 10 Aussies rate themselves as a ‘great’ lover and nearly a third (32%) rate themselves as ‘good’ – so overall, we’re pretty confident about how we do in the bedroom. Unsurprisingly, it’s millennials who are the most confident generation when it comes to self-evaluating their sexual prowess, with 59% rating themselves as a ‘great’ or ‘good’ lover. Because of course they do.

Other interesting findings from the study include how men (51%) are much more likely than women (28%) to be worried…

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