This Is Why We Feel So Sh*t & Lethargic On Mondays… (

It’s a regular occurrence for many of us: Friday arrives, we hype up the weekend, we go out and socialise with mates (as best as we can during the current pandemic, anyway) and when our alarm goes off on Monday morning, we can think of a million other things we’d rather be doing than working.

But while you may blame your lack of motivation (and will to live) on the alcohol or deep fried food you consumed over the weekend, you should actually be looking at how many hours of sleep you got. At least, that’s according to American nutrition coach Max Lugavere. In a recent Instagram post, the author of The Genius Life claims we should be “consistent with our sleep,” and adds that the feelings we feel on a Monday morning can be likened to jet lag.

“If you go to bed every weeknight at 11pm but stay up until 3am every Friday and Saturday (not to mention late night eating), you’ve essentially crossed time zones for the weekend, causing you to feel literal jet lag every Monday. And you wonder why Monday’s are difficult!” he captions his post.

“Emerging research points to a rhythmic flow for nearly every one of our biological functions. This includes metabolism, immunity, and cognitive abilities that are important for feeling sharp and energized!⁣”

There’s certainly some weight to his argument, as we’ve previously discussed the importance of keeping a healthy circadian rhythm – or body clock, if you will – which refers to the natural biological…

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