This Two Dumbbell ‘Circuit Breaker’ Workout Is Perfect For Switching Up Your Game (

Working out and getting yourself fit doesn’t have to be hard. But we’re well aware that the mere thought of going to a gym in the hope of seeing results is one that is often met with negativity. “What’s the point?”, “I’m not strong enough”; “I haven’t seen results before” are just some of the phrases many of us have likely muttered.

Indeed, if you’re a complete novice in the fitness game, knowing which workouts and exercises to perform can be more confusing than figuring out the meaning of life. Thanks to the internet, however, information is right at your fingertips. Although you shouldn’t trust everyone with 100k followers and a shiny set of abs, you only need to jump onto platforms such as Instagram to find genuinely good content and industry figures to follow (just do so discerningly, or allow us to bring you good recommendations).

On that note: you’ll soon find that there are plenty of easy-to-do workouts that will help you obtain the results you…

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