How to Better Train the Quads Muscles You’ve Been Neglecting (

“You’re quad dominant.” How many times have you heard a commercial gym trainer or fitness consultant use this hackneyed phrase to make you feel like your body is a mess and depend on their services? In truth, quads should be dominant. There are four quads muscles in each leg, and that bests the three hamstrings muscles on the opposite side. With all things equal, you can count on the quads to be the stronger group. Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, it’s important to understand that their ‘dominance’ is not always to blame if you’ve got a dysfunctional squat, knee pain, or hip pain.

Tight and Weak: The Quads Muscles Conundrum

When a muscle isn’t doing its job like the rest of the bunch, it isn’t only a weak link; chances…

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