How Colts Running Back Jonathan Taylor Gets His Edge in the Off-Season (

Entering his first season with Indianapolis last year, Jonathan Taylor had a lot of unique challenges to face. Not only was he dealing with a new team, plays, and environment—plus a dramatically shortened training camp—but his fellow running back Marlon Mack was injured during their first game. That placed the majority of the backfield responsibilities on the rookie’s shoulders. He rose to the occasion, racking up an impressive 1,169 yards with 12 touchdowns.

Despite having the third most rushing yards in the league, Taylor still saw room for improvement going into this season. “This isn’t high school or college ball anymore—you’re now playing against the best in the world,” says Taylor, who was drafted No. 41 overall by the Colts. “Every little edge you can find matters. Now that I got to have a proper off-season training period, I wanted to make sure I showed up ready from day one.”

In order to find that edge, Taylor turned…

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