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While most men who commit to working out will be in search of huge biceps, a prominent chest and six-pack abs, adding shoulder exercises into the mix will help to create a much broader figure to help fill out those t-shirts. Shoulder workouts can also help to increase overall upper body strength, as stronger shoulders will help you lift to greater weights.

So what are the best shoulder exercises you should be putting yourself through when in the gym? Allow us to run you through the essential shoulder workouts you need. But first, a quick biology lesson.

What Muscles Are In The Shoulders?

According to Healthline, the shoulder muscles maintain the widest range of motion of any muscle in the human body, which, while this makes them incredibly important, also makes them far more susceptible to injury. Some eight muscles make up the shoulder as a whole, with all of them attaching to the shoulder blade.

However, there are some 20 muscles that provide extra support to the shoulder, allowing it to go through its full range of motion.

The main muscles that make up the shoulder include the trapezius (traps) and deltoid (delts). Other muscles include the pectoralis major chest muscle, as it stretches from the collar bone down to the mid-chest area, and the rhomboid major, which sits below the trapezius on your upper back.

Because the shoulder muscles encompass muscles that connect to other areas of the upper body, it’s vital you perform a wide range of shoulder exercises to…

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