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Just when we thought we were pretty much in the clear (earlier this year), Covid came crashing back down on Australia like a tonne of bricks. This has meant millions of us are back to being locked down and reverting back to a somewhat restricted lifestyle.

For those who lead an active lifestyle, and those who love the gym – particularly for those in New South Wales and Victoria – this has meant their quest for gains has once again been put on hold. But, as we would’ve discussed this time last year, just because you’re spending the majority of your day at home, doesn’t mean you can’t keep your fitness levels up.

It’s a message Australian fitness and nutrition guru Sam Wood is keen to continue spreading, and DMARGE recently spoke exclusively with him, to find out his latest top tips with regards to all things fitness, nutrition and sleep, to help us see through this latest lockdown.

Check out some of Sam Wood’s lockdown workouts in the video below

To begin, Sam wanted to put forward an important message that anyone can benefit from, regardless of whether they’re active or not:

“I think the most important first step is that people acknowledge that it’s a very different circumstance we’re all living at the moment and so don’t try and fit your old structure or your old plan into this new world. It doesn’t really work, it’s like trying to fit a circle in a square hole.”

“I think the greatest success I’m seeing from people is from those who…

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