Salt Bae Shows Off Forgotten Training Technique Everyone Should Try (

What’s old is new.

On that frayed note… there’s a ‘new’ fitness trend sweeping the celebrity landscape. American popstar Joe Jonas busted out a skipping rope just last week (before beginning an international tour with his band) and now the Internet’s favourite butcher and owner of one of the lowest body fat percentage’s we’ve ever seen is jumping in on the act.

Introducing: Salt Bae.

Posting some videos to his Instagram account recently, the Turkish restauranteur can be seen reaping the full benefits of jumping rope, with some of the clips being slowed down to help show off the correct technique. And it’s a workout we implore you to give a go too.

Who needs cryotherapy or Gianluca Vacchi’s Death Ray Treadmill?

Not only can skipping be done practically anywhere, as it requires only a small amount of space and a piece of incredibly affordable equipment, but it brings with it numerous benefits for your health.

Watch Salt Bae jump rope in the video below


According to Crossrope, which calls skipping “one of the best-kept secrets in fitness right now,” spending just a small amount of time with a jump rope can help “support any fitness goal,” including fat loss, endurance, strength and performance.

There is plenty of research to support its benefits too. Science Dailycites studies that claim skipping brings the potential to burn up to 1,300 calories per hour. So if you’re looking for a simple way to shed some body fat, skipping could be the…

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