The First Date Taboo Young Australians Are Abandoning In Droves (

First date conversation etiquette can be tricky. You need to be polite and considerate, but you also want to be upfront about your expectations and what you’re looking for. Do you talk politics or religion, or talk about the most contentious issue – whether or not they like pineapple on their pizza? (That’s a joke by the way. I’m personally tired of people putting that in their dating profiles.)

But something that’s becoming increasingly less taboo among young singles is talking about money – and we’re not talking about who picks up the check.

Research conducted by leading Australian investment platform Stake suggests that not only do three in four young people (defined as 18-29-year-olds) no longer think money is a taboo subject anymore, but almost half (48%) would be happy talking about money on a first date.

“The research demonstrates a generational shift in the attitudes, values, and demands of the next generation of investors,” Stake Chief Marketing Officer Bryan Wilmot relates.

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Beyond simple first date etiquette, other interesting findings from Stake’s research reveal how young Australians have an increasingly progressive attitude towards money within relationships.

Almost three-quarters (70%) don’t want to be financially codependent with anyone, and 45% of couples think they should have completely separate bank accounts – with this trend this more prevalent among 18–29-year-olds at 59%. Another generational gap revealed by…

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