Simple ‘Wake Up’ Test To Tell If You’re Truly Healthy, According To Nutrition Coach (

We can have more blood tests conducted on us than there are windmills in the Netherlands, but while they provide a good overview of our biological health, there’s a simpler way to see if you’re healthy

According to fitness and nutrition coach Ryan Carter, there are three words we need to live by, and they’re not ‘live, laugh, love’.

Ryan tells us healthy people should wake up “happy, horny and hungry.” If we can tick each box, he says, then we by and large have a good picture of health. Taking to Instagram to convey his message, Ryan straight away admits this is “by no means absolute.”

But he adds it “holds up reasonably well when you have honest self-reflection/awareness skills.”

“Health is based on our self subjective experience/state.”

He relates them to the circadian rhythm, the 24-hour biological process (or clock, if you will) that your body cycles through every single day. Having a healthy circadian rhythm is crucial to maintaining a healthy wellbeing.

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Ryan says it is “vital for optimal health with everything being influenced by it. The morning is a crucial time of the day. Human are morning risers and set the tone for the rest of the day.”

Speaking of his ‘happy, horny, hungry’ message, he surmises that their value will be different to each individual. “Our value of these and what they mean to us needs to be considered.”


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