‘The Standard American Diet Kills Us’: Nutrition Advice Every American Needs To Hear (

A continuous diet of deep-fried, fatty foods will cause greater harm to the human body than a balanced diet of good-quality protein, fibre, carbohydrates and healthy fats. This won’t come as a shock to many, admittedly, but in the current global climate, it’s a sentence that needs to be taken far more seriously.

At least, that’s the message we took from nutritionist Michael Pollan. Michael sat down with New York Times journalist Kara Swisher recently for an episode of the Sway podcast. In it, Kara recites back to Michael some statistics he reported in a previous book, that “49% of the people hospitalized with Covid-19 had pre-existing hypertension. 48% were obese. 28% had diabetes.”

To this, he said, “the predictors of a Covid death, a death from Covid, are essentially bad diet and an inflamed body. It’s all about inflammation”, going on to add:

“The standard American diet kills slowly in normal times and quickly in COVID times.”

To back this up, he added, “if you are already inflamed by a Western diet — and that is what this diet does to us, a diet of lots of processed food, lots of meat, lots of sugar — it screws with your microbiome and leaves your body inflamed.”

“If you want to predict someone’s likelihood of cancer, cardiovascular disease, look at their diet.”

Of course, Michael isn’t necessarily saying that if you change your diet to a healthier one, you won’t catch Covid or worse, die from it, but it could be a…

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