Sydney’s Lockdown ‘Buddy System’ Leaves Singles With Uncomfortable Predicament (

If you’ve ever felt bad about wasting your time on one dud date; imagine how bad you’d feel if you were stuck with them as the only person you could see for months on end…

That’s the dilemma facing many Sydney singles right now after a ‘buddy system’ from earlier in the lockdown (which allowed intimate partners to visit each other) has morphed into a ‘one person system’ which allows NSW singles who are living by themselves to nominate one person to visit them (that person cannot change over the course of the lockdown).

This system was dubbed a ‘singles bubble.’

“If you have been or are living by yourself, you are allowed to nominate one person that is allowed to visit you, but it has to be the same person,” Berejiklian said during a press conference announcing the ‘singles bubble.’

“You cannot have a different person every day. You have to nominate that one person that is your buddy or is part of your singles bubble for the [remainder of the lockdown] to make sure that we do not spread the virus.”

DMARGE spoke to one Sydney singleton who said they were really feeling the pressure on who to pick.

 “There’s options with some past flings I’ve been talking to… but to be honest none I wanna put up with haha.”

Relationship expert Samantha Jayne told DMARGE: “Oh I feel for single people out there! Covid is tough! The good thing is that I have found that people are more genuine and don’t want to waste time. If you feel like…

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