Am I Taking Plan B Too Much? (

Let’s say, hypothetically, you’ve just had unprotected sex with Kyle (again!) and let’s say Kyle didn’t pull out quite in time (again!). Let’s also say this is the third time in three weeks that this little snafu has happened, and you find yourself rolling up to the pharmacy, where the morning shift guy knows you, trolling for some Plan B. Is this…too much?, you may be wondering in this purely hypothetical situation. Is this stuff bad for me, or am I overdoing it on the ol’ “emergency” contraception

The short, simple answer is no; it’s not possible to take emergency contraceptive pills “too much,” to the point that they’re no longer effective and/or bad for you, as long as you follow the directions on the box. What this means for you is, if you have unprotected sex four times in a month, you can go ahead and use emergency contraception four times in a month. It won’t be less effective on time four, it won’t destroy all your remaining eggs, and you won’t even be punished by your seventh grade health teacher for not using a condom a few times here and there (though, in the interest of preventing the spread of STIs, you should perhaps reconsider your policies on condom usage).

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